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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

About Me

There are things you probably don't know about me. So I will tell you.

1. I am getting older and I like it. I don't like all of the things it brings like disrespect and sore knees but I like some of my sags and wrinkles. I want people to keep their own faces, boobs and bums.

2. I used to be a Can-Can dancer. I also danced interpretive jazz ballet and made extreme gestures and faces. I wasn't a particularly good Can-Can dancer because I had an ample bosom and threatened to knock myself out when bouncing enthusiastically.

3. I gave birth to two children. One was very large. I inherited two children. One was very loud and active. I like them all.

4. I like bugs a lot.

5. I have a complete weakness for my childhood foods. I really crave things like cracklin's and pickled pigs feet but I don't eat them. I will fight anyone for the butt end of the chicken. We called it the Pope's Nose. My early childhood was spent in Quebec.

6. I had an amazing singing and talking dog named Woofen. I would sing and so would he. I would talk and he would talk right along. He punished me by taking all of my clothes out of my drawers and getting the garbage bag and rolling in both. I knew he had done it when he put himself face first in the corner.

7. I can't drive. I am a hopeless passenger. I make everyone I drive with crazy. I imagine all kinds of disaster.

8. I can swear in more than seven languages. I want to learn real Gypsy cursing. I watched a tiny old Romany woman curse the cops in Paris. I have a new goal.

9. I still stamp my foot when pissed right off.

10. I love flannel nighties, clean sheets and cocoa. My real fetish is total comfort.

11. Mail gets left on my floor if it doesn't interest me.

12. I am double jointed and can bend all over the place. This means I can pick things up with my toes.

13. I am a breast cancer survivor. I "forget " to wear my boobs. Swimming is difficult because my back end is more buoyant than my front end and I end up swimming under water. Bee-line for the bottom.

14. I grow paper wasps nests and steal them for my art.

15. Truly hate mornings.

16. My worst childhood fears were "Dawn Horses" and the concept of "Infinity". I was afraid that a little herd of Dawn horses that survived the Ice Age would stampede, knock me over and trample me with their sharp little feet.

The image of a woman on the box of "Black Magic" chocolates was holding a box of chocolates was holding a box of chocolates tinier and tinier until you couldn't make them out. Shivered my timbers.

The first time I saw the ocean I threw up because you couldn't see the shore on the other side. Infinity in the big. Oh God! Then I discovered the "Universe" and couldn't sleep for a month!

That, of course, was all replaced by my fear of the nuclear bomb.

Since cancer...I don't feel afraid of much.

17. I really do love Paris and New York. Houses in both places is a dream I have.

18. Wood rot and sow beetle fascinate me. It must be the process of regeneration.

19. I bite thread. I almost never use scissors.

20. Most people are likable but I have a problem with "girly girls". Never trust them. Princesses appal me. Why would any ordinary person give their daughter delusions of grandeur? Or force feed them anything pink!


Siriavtar said...

Wells calling...

I'm a lousy correspondent, but I miss you and think of you all the time! And guess what - as of Monday, we'll be neighbours, as I'll be just off the Drive. So, no excuse not to brunch.

Trade you blogs meanwhile: come see Dharmacology. I'll check in soon as I have a phone again.

Love and inspiration...Cass

material witness said...

Oh Cassie!!!!
How wonderful. I need to have Wellsians transplanted here.
Remember that I am in the book!
Also just off the Drive and need brunch. I am off to Toronto for a week starting Monday but will see you after that. Do you need anything for your new house?
Will check out your blog for sure.
So happy!