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Sunday, October 10, 2010


It is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and my children are cooking me a meal of wild salmon and maple syrup. I have three of them with me today. Tim is missing as he has just driven the twenty hours it takes to get to Fort Nelson. Chris and Vashti are on the Island. Dane is flying in at 2:00 from the "Peg". Steph is driving in from the Valley. Bren and Meg are unpacking and cooking a delicious meal in their new little apartment overlooking English Bay.

Dane will be home for two weeks. This is the longest time for years and I am looking forward to his easy energy.

I have been experimenting with en caustics on wood and silk. Globes are prepped and panels are being burnt. Have finished three.

Have left my studio and home keys somewhere. I think I locked them in the studio. This meant I locked myself out of the house after a long day and a long walk home. I tried to get in and couldn't so had to call Bren and sit on the porch, in the dark until he arrived to get a ladder, hang upside down like a monkey and climb in the slightly open kitchen window. I felt very stupid and incompetent.

Had a great conversation with Celine about direction and an installation I am planning for a show next June. She is so clear about the importance of editing. I learned in my last show that I would rather not rush things and that each work needs to be strong enough to be shown. I have watched textile artists constantly rush up until the end and include everything they have made to fill up space. I have done this. I have also seen important shows that have included only a few thoughtful and well crafted works.

There is a temptation in textiles to show off the plethora of skills and techniques, layering and over layering them and showing off how much can be crammed into a piece. This often results in something almost hallucinogenic and incomprehensible.

The show is in the last stage of planning and the contract should arrive this week. Don't want to jinx it by talking too much about it. I need to get ready for the Crawl first and then put full concentration into developing a decent portfolio, website and other promotional materials.

I need to be disciplined about focusing on one or two things and not let the Muse carry me away.
Tim will not be here most of this year and I will miss him terribly. This means, however, that I can work day and night if I choose and not disrupt any of my projects.

Lots to be thankful for this year. Tim's survival and good health is at the top of my list. His vigour and enthusiasm for his new project is inspiring.

One thing at a time...one day at a time.

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