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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Miners Rising

I, like many other people around the world, have watched the rescue of the Chilean Miners.
They have been trapped in a mine for months and are emerging from the earth one at a time in a little capsule that is being dragged through a narrow tunnel. It is an extraordinary media spectacle.

Each man has a life on the surface away from the mine. Each has what we all have in terms of relationships and life chaos. Each must face the world again like a returning voyager.

Two things disturb me.

Why have we lost track of corporate responsibility for the disaster that has impacted the lives of these men and placed them in danger in the first place?

What happens to them when this is all over?

The media is covering this event as if it is a sports event. Not much different than how the Olympics were portrayed. A circus.

Miners die all over the world. They often work in terrible conditions. Many of them are children.
Walls collapse, tunnels flood, gases poison, fire breaks out. It is not natural to send people deep into the earth like this.

I noticed another thing. They had clean jackets on as they emerged.

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