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Friday, October 22, 2010

Giving Things Away

All morning has been spent burning globes and canvases. Delicious. No interruptions at all.
Finished seven globes. So far this week I have burnt nine globes, eleven canvases and have almost completed six encaustic paintings. Scared the mail woman this morning as I was running around in shocking pink nighty, scruffy hair wrap, rubber garden clogs and a gas mask for the fumes. Smoke was streaming out of the porch.

Have discovered that some of the paper mache newsprint bleeds through the medium a bit and creates misty variations in colour for the coral globes. Artistic accidents are the best.

My throat is sore and my stupid arm is swollen. I have just over a week until I leave for Toronto for a week to see Tim's lovely 96 year old Dad. He informed me of the birth of a new family member named Raelyn Elizabeth on Wednesday. I will get to meet her!

Dane has been here from Winnipeg all week working and filming a new music video. Our creative energies have not collided. Wish he moved back home. Not in the house but in the town.

Am determined to get a pile of work done for "East Side Culture Crawl". Will have this week on my own and have discovered that no one comes to visit and chat late at night.

I am going into the studio to do rice paper batik for the canvas edges. Will try acrylic watered down as an "ink" because the Indian Ink is leaking. Never mind. I think that using an acrylic medium will work as a fixative or varnish. I know it gets decorative and fussy but the extra effort with presentation seems to get things more attention.

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