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Monday, October 25, 2010

Pick Up and Delivery

Celine came to the studio last night to select and pick up work. She also delivered my three Yvonne Wayakubayashi sculptures. And a completely delicious dinner. And laughter!

I arrived late to the studio yesterday and really was scrambling to finish edging the pile of work.
My eyes do not want to cut straight lines. Ever. Loud cussing, swearing and panic were rising from the studio and a brave Tina Ozols came in with blades and cork backed rulers. She and I managed to complete edging and gluing about two minutes before Celine arrived. Everyone needs a Tina.

I edged the work with a shibori paper and a batik paper which added to the canvases. Makes them a good small piece to take away at shows where other work is more expensive. I like them more than some of the larger work. Tiny canvases and tiny globes.

Celine took a good box full to the gallery. I feel accomplished and have my work rhythm back. Focus is now on the Crawl.

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