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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just When I Thought There Was No Magic...

Berndhaut Smilde's Nimbus Minerva 2012   photo Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk

I don't know why the Nederlands but it seems that my favourite artists are bred there.

I have gone on and on for years about the "Strandbeests" which are a series of kinetic sculptures created by the incredible and delicious Theo Jansen. These huge wind powered beings with the potential  to
walk the beaches forever. I am completely smitten with his quiet and humble explanations for magic.
Awestruck! Silenced...

I love Dutch men. They are so very feisty, educated and intelligent. They eat beautiful cheese and chocolate. And delicious salt liquorice. They aren't afraid of creating a common good while being incredibly inventive.  They can embrace and create new ideas. They seem to have this crazy passionate way of being that belies most Northern Europeans. An arrogant understanding of the need for real, sensual and earthy life. Not all I am sure. Because people are all different. But all the ones in my world.

Now I have discovered the work of Berndhaut Smilde.  He has figured out how to create work from clouds which he installs in the gallery. Real clouds made with combinations of the elements. I am only learning of his work but I am so delighted.  Captured. Gob smacked! And I just found out he will be coming to SFAC Galleries in San Fransisco on Feb. 15 to April 28.  Which is just a little trip from Vancouver.

Check out these blogs for a little bit of mind candy. Also look for both on you tube.

www.berndthaut.nl/         www.strandbeest.com/

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