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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's Here!

Midnight fireworks on New Year's Eve. Outside my door in Wells.
Mark is lighting the fireworks which his hotel gave as a gift to the town.
It s very nice to have an explosives expert in your circle and watch him create beauty.

It is 2013 and I am still here!

So much happened last year. Tim returned home from his sojourn in Fort Nelson. I really didn't think he would come back but he did and thrived!  My step grand daughter was born. I got my diagnosis for terminal breast cancer. Got to meet two of my heroes, Michael Moore and Peter von Tiesenhausen and  had conversations with both of them. I taught at Island Mountain Arts, opened smalltalk Gallery and moved into the little mountain paradise that is Wells, B.C. Canada. Learned more about retail. Watched my kids deal with love, pain with the realities of this new world. Had dear ones die, grieve, be born, get sick, get married, start careers and complete educations. Watched terrible wars, rebellions, tried to Occupy and got invited to Spain, Costa Rica, Italy, London and Manchester. Felt jealous for the first time in years. Jealous of time, beauty, energy, health and possibility. Interacted with loving and deeply caring medical professionals. Was given a magical healing circle to help through this journey. Made so many new friends and deepened old friendships. Was just feet from a mother bear with triplets!

So 2013!!! You have a lot to live up to!

It started with a bang at the Wells's New Year's Ball. These people clean up just beautifully and can really shake a hoofy. Fireworks, abundance, flirtations, sweet kisses and hugs, and a loving and thoughtful community. 

So this year my New Year's Resolution is to keep living. To understand the true joy that this life is and take nothing for granted. To breathe in and breathe out. And learn to understand I am just one little being in an amazing and complex world made up of so many different threads and patterns.

And to keep on Stitchin'!!!!

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