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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Harm Done

The roofing fire at the studio had no impact at all on my precious work space.
 It made me think about the potential harm that could have happened to all the studios in our building.

Today I dug out projects in an effort to avoid working on my income tax filing.  Tomorrow will bring even more work as a result.

And Celine and Scott came and picked me up, brought me to their live-work studio overlooking the Harbour and out to Stanley Park. We watched ships sail by, trains shunt and float planes land. There were lovely birds at eye level showing off flight patterns. Then talked about human migration, mitochondrial DNA,
current cancer cure hoaxes and trips to Florence and Venice. Celine fed us beautiful goat cheese with nuts, fennel encrusted salmon and a curried lentil cabbage stew and a lavender bergamot tea. And lots of wine.

Perfect day after a week struggling with the injections for the breast cancer. The next few weeks should be good because I am  feelng pretty well again and seriously buzzing wth inspiration.

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