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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Caddis Flies and Other Bugs

Nina Katchadourian Mended Webs

Jennifer Angus detail Indian Room

Hubert Duprat and Caddis Fly

There is such a strong insect connection for many textile artists.

Artists have watched in wonder at the creations insects make instinctually and have studied the structures, materials and patterns used . The relationship between bug and maker travels back through time. The first discovery of silk in China has been said to have come about because a little silk worm cocoon fell into the Princess Xi Ling Shi's cup of tea and unravelled. Spiders weave translucent webs that have always been embellished by dew drops and captured snacks.
Diaphanous butterflies emerge from complex cocoons and have no doubt prompted textile curiosity.

Contemporary artist like Jennifer Angus and her wall paper made from insect wings , Joanna Staniskis and her silk worm architecture, and the amazing caddis fly constructions prompted by
Hubert Duprat. Artist Nina Katchadourian interferes with industrious spiders making webs by adding her embroidered phrases. Aganetha Dyck plays with bees and their hives

In North America we have a tendency to religate insects to the distasteful, disease ridden and ugly. Insects are regarded as beautiful in many cultures. Many people even find them delicious.

I love bugs. They inspire me every day.

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