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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Poor Froggy

Dissected Knitted and felted Frog stolen image from Emily Stoneking's Etsy file. All sold out!

Naughty Peter sent me an image of the most ...well...disgusting and delightful knitted toy I have ever seen this morning.

I happen to think most textile artists are a little bent. We are messy hoarders who have paint and dye spotched clothing. Our hands are often strange colours of green. We are always dangling threads off somewhere and we are constantly talking about technique to those within ear shot.
Many of us spend time looking at strange and rotting things just to study the object for inspiration.

This poor froggy hits a new low! Emily Stoneking even made it so it can be detached from the display board for a cuddle. Yuck!

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