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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Intentional Resolutions

The New Year always reminds me that there is promise and hope. Even my most pessimistic friends spend a little time contemplating the future with optomism regarding their own efforts.

This year I have decided to set resolutions regarding creative intentions. The work I hope to do will be done with more thought, more planning and more involvement with others. This will involve thinking more carefully about workspace, materials, purpose and impact.

I started yesterday by considering what was accomplished creatively last year. I started my second year in the William Clark Studios, had a few shows, spent time designing new display units and invented another process. Much more cohesive work was produced in series. The Vancouver Guild of Fabric Art became a focus where I actively drafted younger and more dynamic members and asked hard questions of other members regarding our purpose and focus. The Material Witness Blog was started with Brendan's help. It became a regular place for me to record some of my thoughts. A media interview or two was done despite my fear of stepping there again. Old connections were rekindled and new ones ignited.

Last year allowed me to get braver with technology. I learned more about the machines and chemicals used. Science and art were researched using the libraries and the internet. Taking advantage of thousands of ideas proved fruitful for me.

I connected with amazing and inspiring people like Bruce Elkin, Abigail Doan, Arlee Barr, Hilary Young, Jay Rudolph, Jeina Morosoff, Madeleine Woods, Celine Rumalean and Lyn Fabio. I reconnected with Kyd Campbell, Peter Tupper, Lilias Ann Cameron, Peri Best and Karen Mackenzie-Brydon. I was also allowed to witness the extraordinary development of my sons Brendan Hurley and Dane Goulet and neice Brie Chauncey and cousin Ryan Batten doing art and music.

I traveled and viewed art and history. I spent time in Oregon at the sea side filling my senses with the nurture it provides. Toronto opened up for me and the Textile Museum and the ROM became a new stomping ground. I went back for my fourth trip to New York City and felt at home enough to navigate around. I returned to Ireland and followed family paths through England. The imaginary Manor Houses and textile mills became real for me near York and in Haworth. I stood on land and touched stones that my family had touched in the 1100's and touched objects made by their hands. Manchester was the perfect place for me. Morecambe, Haworth, Rickmansworth, St. Albans and Romsey all became places to visit family. London was perfect in May. Everything from the Queen's swans to the V&A. Taking trains instead of planes was the best way to see France. Paris just became my new home. I have never felt more comfortable anywhere. The rest of the trip was cancelled so I could stay longer.

Last year will be hard to beat but with the lessons and intention will fuel me for the coming year.
Babies were born and old friends died reminding me that this circle can never be taken for granted.

My resolution for this year is to live and work in a more intentional way.


arlee said...

And now you are at the One Slow Circle stage.........sounds mighty fine....

material witness said...

I am. As soon as I find the perfect cloth aand a needle and thread.

arlee said...

finally blogged one slow circle a day :}

mommakeri said...

You are such an amazing person, I Had NOOO Idea you were this great of a writer! I should read your blog daily for motivation to do better each day. Thanks for being my friend!

material witness said...

Aww thanks babe!
It is a joy being your friend little cuz