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Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Room of My Own

Today Jay hands me back her keys to the studio. It means that her loom and all the lovely things she has had in the studio for more than a year will be gone. It means her delicate sensibility will no longer greet me when I come in the door. I will miss that.

Today I will place a long white piece of cotton on the floor from the front to the back of the studio and place dripping rusty objects on it. I will tape a black fabric to the window in folds and see how the sun bleaches it. I will start to build a large fume box and will pound nails into the wall and use the room as an enormous loom. The possibilities seem endless.

I have some larger contracts to get on with for January and February.

The front of the studio is now going to have a small library and a little gallery for my work and inspirational objects. My favourite armchair is going to be placed in it.

Now I have room for my huge print table and my second heat press. The drafting table can get set up and my desk can come back in. The model's platform can get set up again.

Today for a little while though there will be enough room to take a little dance around the room.

This will all be o-kay if I don't fall on my face!

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arlee said...

Dance, baby, dance! Sounds quite exciting for the new year! Love the idea of the "room loom" as well:] That would be very cool!