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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Labouring Away

Juliet has lost her plug and has started her labour. She has decided to go for a visit with friends and is out in the snow. The snow is wet and thick and coming down heavily. I want her to go home and call the doctor. The snow is extreme today.

The baby appears to be small and is early by two weeks.

She was also very small and early like every brilliant person in her mother's family. A baby is rarely born to them weighing more than 5 pounds. My babies, however, were monsters in contrast and at least three weeks late.

Juliet's husband Roy has started the nesting part of this labour. He is obsessing about cleaning the apartment and cooking. He is from Israel and hasn't really been in this kind of snow before. Her mother is madly knitting a double knit blanket. It is incredibly warm.

I think this baby will be the next Jewish princess! I can't wait to meet her. I remember meeting her mom! I have known Juliet, her mother and her grandmother. I know her sister and her mother's sister and her grandmother's sister. They have all fit into my life perfectly.

Juliet cared for me when I was ill. She was very young and managed to help me through some of the more hideous aspects of my illness. She did it without upset or hysteria. I think she will be the most wonderful mother!

When Juliet was three I made her a doll that was life sized. She was tiny with little twig legs and the loudest voice I ever heard in a child. She tied towels on her tiny shoulders and rode her power wheels screaming down the road stark naked. We cared for her in shifts because she was so wild. She loved Wonda Wolan! (Wonder Woman)

Good luck to the staff when Juliet goes into transition. They will see what "Wonda Wolan" can do!

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