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Friday, December 14, 2007

Dreaming Over and Over

Sea Urchin Shell detail

Last night I had one vivid dream after another. It was inspiration gone wild. Each dream was about making or viewing something amazing. This probably had to do with the fact my main cuddle bud brought home Memphis Blues Bar-B-Que last night and that Arlee Barr suggested to keep a sketch book by the bed. We also watched the "Rape of Nanking" before bed and it was devastating.

I dreamt about twisted and rusted wires that were draped in skins and hanging from the ceiling

like smoky old carcasses. Then the dream was about silver boxes that were patinated and carved to reflect light from mirrors and candles. I spent time carving soaps into tiny heads that were cast in plaster and covered in leaves that were burnt. Batiking on paper and silk to make reptile patterns and poked through with rusted wires and pins. Globes made with internal light sources and placed in snow caves for heat and delight. Spectacular silver and tin jewelry was made into seed pods with objects held inside. All to the sound of bees buzzing (which turned out to be the bathroom fan)

I also dreamt about writing poems in the snow with black pebbles. The words kept washing away but I kept trying to write them despite the futility. I woke up exhausted and fell back to sleep to dream of forgiveness and atonement. No doubt influenced by an argument with my removed Catholic mother. It seems I am always asking for forgiveness or trying to forgive. A habit from childhood for all naughty girls. The f---ing drama of the Irish despite the displacement.

I woke up to a phone call asking me to look on my e-mail for a photograph of perfection.

It was of Juliet's new little baby boy now named Daniel. Totally perfect and new.

Source of inspiration for today

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