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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Putting Up Walls

Tim and I spent time in the studio yesterday restructuring the space. We moved everything around and rethought how it will work as a space for me to do larger art .

This started with us packing up the most obvious stuff and moving walls to create a small gallery and lounge area. More like an area to put my stuff up and a little cozy place to stitch by hand. We put up a pony wall and created a visual barrier between the new area and the working space. We also designed it to block the blasting sunlight from the windows.

The library has been reconfigured and the shelves Jay was using have been moved into the working area. The drapes have been taken off all of the shelves and now everything is visible.
My large shelf that holds my glues, heat guns, buttons, beads and tools has been moved to help create the barrier between the gallery and work areas. The sewing area has been moved away from the work tables and a larger table can serve for printing and be moved around the space. The heat presses will work better near the windows and anything fumey can go there.

I can now see what needs to go. I'll bring some of it up to Cap College for the students. I have a guest teach later this month and luckily samples and slides fell out all over the place. I will put them into process books for that gig. There is always one amazing student that comes out of those gigs and I get to drag at least one new person to the VGFA.

I love my studio again and can't wait for Monday. I really think the projects are exciting and have four on the go.

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