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Friday, April 18, 2008

Gypsy Curse

The Seven Sutherland Sisters from P.T. Barnum Sideshow
I did my worst Gypsy Curse on my sweet's boss today. She is shunning him until he finished his notice period. She hasn't even mentioned his resignation or discussed it with him. So I cursed her.

She is a yuppie triathlete who drives a 4X4 and was expecting to run this weekend and I fantasized throwing ice water on her. Now it is snowing great gobs and huge flakes of snow. This, according to the weather woman, will continue until Sunday. Not a bucket of cold water but clouds and dumps of it. Not just on her head but on my scraggling little garden.

Vancouver never has snow in April so I know I am responsible. Curses always backfire if used without thinking and proper planning. Sometimes curses ricochet.

I decided to interfere with the birdy nests by leaving cotton scraps for them and lots of thread and yarn. I will try to track the nests by watching where they fly and try to document it.

At least my hair is getting long. My new creative project seems to be growing it and seeing how long it will take to get to my bum.

1 comment:

arlee said...

Hmm, snow here too, which apparently is not unusual at this time of year, but we normally don't get 5-7" either!!!!

Your garden just needs a wee bit more sleep, that's not a backfired curse :}And as long as your hair gets to your Bazotski with no more white, well, you're okay there too!