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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Prisoner of Craft.

Lyn Fabio contacted me this morning by e-mail and she is trapped in Russia. They won't let her out!

She was invited by the Russian Government in Siberia to teach Gut Craft. She prepared for months for the journey and the classes . She also sourced materials that would be useful for her students. That included researching different common wild animal guts in her own living room.

While in Russia. the travel VISA , which was set up by her hosts, expired. She was turned back at the border and missed her plane home. She also lost the right to leave Russia.
No one will cover her flight now and her new flight home will cost $5,000 if she can't leave by Saturday. The Canadian Government and the Russian Government are communicating.

Lyn says she is in a gorgeous apartment but she can't leave or she might be thrown in jail because she is now illegally in Russia.

I am so worried about her. She had a fairly extensive surgery only a few months ago.


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arlee said...

Patricia, this is quite scary! She'll have a hell of a story though when she returns home!