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Sunday, November 9, 2008


The weather has turned to winter here. It is soggy, cold and wet! Every year it seems to get wetter than the year before. I haven't been posting very much lately because any spare or well time has been spent creating for the East Side Culture Crawl.

I had eye surgery a month ago now. I am growing used to the double distance vision and the marvelous close ups. I haven't felt well since the last blast of antibiotics but had no choice but to take them. Both have impacted my energy more than expected and I am going for a few new rounds of tests. I have really swollen lymph nodes and a lot of pain for some reason. This has happened to me before and I have a feeling it is my body flying into overcharge. "Lymph Reactivity" which is my system kicking into overdrive from assault.

Charles has contacted me! He has been sick with pneumonia which is very scary with his H.I.V. status. I am so glad I have found him again because he remains my much beloved practicum student who has traveled far!

Hillary and her sweetie Jim have found me a new connection for my European heat press that I got from Fariba. The part is actually available in Vancouver which will save me fortunes in shipping. Jim also discovered the large heat press hasn't got a ground which meant I could have shocked every one around me into the next building! He is fixing it.

I have moved the thirty projects into the living room and Tim is drowning under them but this has to happen. We are working together to get the larger pupaes ready for the show. The burn shed has made life much easier because i have been able to do silicone and fibreglass work out side. Fibreglass and cheesecloth are my new best friends.

Today I pulled apart fourty golden butterflies to rebuild and put into shadow boxes as part of the metamorphosis series. Last night I jabbed myself at least ten times with a barbed felting needle which helped create tiny cocoons that look more like large sperms right now! I would love to do a whole show for the microscope only! Tiny wee work. Will have to talk to Scott about how to do this.

The biggest job is maintaining focus because my imagination likes to dance all over.

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