Material Witness will focus on extreme textile process. Images will be posted here showing the history of my work, new work, developing projects and inspiration.

Friday, November 14, 2008

What worked What didn't

After days of living with partial projects some are getting close to finished.

Most successful so far are little earrings made of burnt paper, snake skin photo transfer on poly blend which melts and can be burnt and painted, huge fibre glass globes which might stop stinking soon, tiny cocoons in a nest like egg sacs, distressed leather printed with rust, successful components of all sorts.

Least successful are a beautiful handpainted mouse grey silk mix that was distressed to perfection and then layered with matt medium turning it into a plastic looking ickness. Tiny felted pieces that ended up looking like dryer fluff, snake paper over a glass form that didn't look cellular but very bad bon bon.

Shall try the torch on what doesn't work. It can't look worse and might just end up interesting.

Both the house and studio are unlivible but fun if you don't stay stuck somewhere.

1 comment:

arlee said...

Damn, i'd love to see the mess never mind the good stuff!!! But the good stuff too :}