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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hit Like A Wall

Exhaustion hit like a brick wall today. Didn't feel like I had any sleep at all but know I was in bed for hours. Didn't want to eat or drink anything. Not sick but bum tired.

Managed to draw some ideas for the Squamish thing and do a little visual research for some up and coming shows. It looks like I will be busy for awhile.

My old studio came up for rent and I decided it would be better for me not even to apply for it. It had great contact with the outside world and I need more quiet and contempletive space now. Doing shows and workshops is probably enough for now. It would feel like stepping back in time and I really don't like doing the gallery shopkeeper thing as much as I thought. It would also stop me from travelling and I need to do a bunch of that soon. I have some great invitations with lovely people.

I have the sketch book out but am only managing little line drawings to keep track of ideas.

Daily life needs to be sorted. Laundry, dishes, dust and an avalanche of art clutter just never do themselves and I want my red flannel nightie, clean sheets and fluffy towels. A clean bathtub with no art residue would be very nice right now.

Hopefully Tim isn't up for more than jammies, cocoa and a completely unchallenging movie tonight. He will be very disappointed if he even wants me to form a complete sentence!

I drain myself when participating in these shows. Note to self...take a break occassionally and stop parading around quite so much. Adrenalin doesn't really feed your body!


arlee said...

"A clean bathtub with no art residue"---i have this vision of your tub filled with brushes, daubs of paint and melted tyvek, crispy paper bits and spheres of glue------sluice it out Babe :}
Then lots of BUBBLES, clean bubbles :}
Take care of yourself, big GENTLE hugs and smooches.

material witness said...

That is about it! The tub is all clean now. Just hope I don't turn funny colours.