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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lost It

I have misplaced an important contact number. We drove back to the studio tonight and ripped it apart to try and find it. I think I threw it out by accident but the garbage had been taken out.
So on the off chance that lovely Rod Anderson of the Violet fedora, who gifted me the projector and Met Opera films and scripts, is reading this ....contact me. I want to be able to deliver your smaller works and thank you again. I know I put your contact information somewhere safe but it was not at all where I thought it would be.

I did find a lovely note from someone else covered in XXOO's. That person mentioned I was going to meet them at the studio today. I didn't know that and have no idea who they are. I looked at the photograph of the gull and still can't figure it out. Maybe I will put the note over a flame and see if the message is written in lemon juice. Perhaps the mystery will be revealed.

Thank you Mary Ellen for returning all my books and stencils! I had no idea you had that many of them. It was like opening a Christmas present all over again.

There is so much work to do now. I have workshops to plan, a salon to organize, art to finish and deliver and a show in late January. Sometimes doing followup after a show is more interesting than expected.

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