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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Signed Up

I booked in for three important solo shows today and I am thrilled.
One for January, one for March and one in the summer. I will also be sharing a whole series of workshops with Hilary Young on Extreme Textile Process and Extreme Textile Process Using Natural Methods. This means work for a year (or longer). More about this when the papers arrive so I won't jinx the whole thing.

I followed up on the opportunities immediately this year and they won't pass me by. If I can accomplish a show with a sight impairment and have it responded to in such a positive way I might be able to accomplish some of what I want.

Today to celebrate Tim bought me a new camera with 12X optical zoom. It is a sturdy little Fuji.
Finepix S1000. Now I have to figure out how to focus my funky eyes and make it work.

Chrissy Basque, Tim and I will be leaving for a photo research journey this weekend to take pictures of the landscape, flora and fauna along the Sea to Sky Corridor. It is an amazing environment that travels from deep ocean fjords, wild beaches, rain forest, high cliffs and mountain peaks. One of the locations they want me to focus on is the old abandoned mine at Britannia Beach.

So we will bundle up warm because it is snowing, put on our mountain boots and pack hot coffee and cocoa. I will point, Tim will click and Chrissy will make us laugh. I plan to haul back forest leaves, bark, and sea weed to make dye and paper with. I will also take rubbings of everything and borrow rusted objects to rot my silks on. Natural objects will also be borrowed, mapped and returned.

Tomorrow night I just dawn the velvets and get treated to a party at the Hotel Vancouver. A girl couldn't ask for better contrasts.


arlee said...

WOW ! Congrats Girl! All the best and SMOOTHEST of luck, process and moolah :}

I will NEVER go in that mine, so will vicariously live through you!

material witness said...

Funny about that mine thing. My father worked as a miner for twenty minutes once. He said he was only there long enough to take the shaft elevator down and come straight back up!
The pictures should be phenominal!
Can't sleep with excitment and it is months away...