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Thursday, May 20, 2010


So this is what exhaustion looks like!

There are really remarkable people all over the hospital. Tim's fellow ward mate is an old gangster who is about ninety years old. He can curse like no one I have ever heard and I used to be a street social worker! He can also chuck food, medications, bedpans....etc. Occasionally one of his equally challenging friends come by and pull out huge wads of fifty dollar bills.
He plays the track and bootlegs from the sound of it. His name is Nick and he is clearly one of the old Italian guys who used to live all around the Drive.

I had finally had enough of his tantruming and went over and sat on his bed and told him to "shut up" and then started rubbing his head and combing his hair. I told him I would tell him which one of the Nurses put out and would go get him a bottle of wine. I also told him my husband was asleep and he was kinda cute. I also told him I had just broken in and that he was my next victim if he wasn't nicer to the nurses.

He was completely silenced and then cracked up and completely fell apart laughing. I stole him a muffin from the tray and said that I would take out the next nurse who bothered him.
Two nurses came in and asked if he needed anything. I told them that he wanted them to shut-up and that I wanted him to shut-up before he woke up my husband. Nurses scurried out. Old Chinese mother in the next room gave me a little sweet.

Sometimes it take very little to make an old gangster happy! I will probably be happy for the next week. If he shuts up. Else I am going to have to take him out or give him another head rub!

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