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Friday, May 28, 2010

Lillies and Laughter

Christine arrived today bearing beautiful live lillies. She made us laugh. Tim has to use a pillow to hold his innards in when he laughs but he managed to chortle away. She jumped on a plane to see them, they were horrible and she jumped back on plane the next morning and came all the way home to Vancouver.

What could be funnier than other people's distress at crazy relatives? Mine are crazy enough for all of us and hers are good companions to mine.

Today I let obligations fall by the wayside, rented movies, and ate take-out. Tonight I still have the laundry and dishes but they will get done. Tim looks safe and well.

Tim's sweet cousin Margaret phoned from Canforth in Northern England and told us not to visit the south again. She said we are born Northerners with our radical ideas and need to laugh. She is a professor in Cumbria. I love it there and don't have the heart to tell her I was born in Quebec to an Irish mother. She thinks my family all live in Yorkshire for some reason. My Chauncey ancestors came from there centuries ago and the house still exists but my English cousins live near London in a place called Rickmansworth. Same street since the 1300's or something.

Turns out that Tim's Aunt Alberta told Tim's father George that old Aunty Margaret had died and George thought it was Cousin Margaret and sympathy calls arrived at Aunt Alberta's house. Everyone went into a panic because they thought Cousin Margaret had died. Cousin Margaret called to assure us she was alive and kicking and that Aunt Margaret died a good death in her sleep at 93.

Also turns out that Cousin Fiona is about to marry a man from the Nederlands. This now means we have likable family in a favourite country in Europe.

Will have a toast for old Aunt Margaret and one for Cousin Margaret just to celebrate life.

Here is to gene pools!

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