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Sunday, May 16, 2010


The worst part of this whole cancer business is the waiting. Waiting, waiting and more waiting.
It is only two days more until Tim's surgery. He is having radical surgery on May 18 and will be in the hospital from 6:00am. His surgery is being done at Burnaby General Hospital and his surgeon is Dr. Warner. Expected surgery time is about 4 or 5 hours. Expected recovery time is about one month with a hospital stay of 3 - 5 days. They will first look at his lymph nodes and determine whether there is any point to continue with surgery. If so, his bladder will be detached and his prostate and lymph nodes removed. They already know there will be fairly extensive nerve damage. They hope to be able to reattach his bladder.

Prostate surgery is normally a simple enough process. That isn't the case if the cancer is more advanced. His cancer is advanced. His surgeon is capable and has a good reputation. He will have good care. One of our sons is an advanced paramedic and he will make sure that things are going well. I was a practical nurse in the long distant past and have experience caring for very ill people. I can still make a bed and do a patient transfer with my eyes closed.

Tim is a very strong and dynamic man. At this moment he is painting the back deck so he has somewhere pretty to be while he is healing. We planted salad and flowers for the near future.

Friends have been calling and are starting to show up and reassure him. He is in a mood that can be described as like the character "Data" from Star Trek. Straight ahead, no humour, eyes front, and literal. I am finding this a bit hard. He is a Brit. Very Brit. I am a Newf and Irish. Very Newf.
He cuts off an arm and say,"Oh bother!" I get a scratch and scream for last rites. Both processes work. I am rarely disappointed and he is just a little bothered.

Want all of this in the distant past. Soon!


Mighty Fast Pig said...

My best wishes to you and Tom. I hope it goes well.

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