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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Had a great day. Tim dragged me out for breakfast take-out at the beach and Bren and Meg came over and brought lunch consisting of samosas, an incredible quinoa salad, halva and bliss balls from Sweet Cherubim. Dane called and chatted.

Presents included a rosemary bush, a toast brander with the image of the Virgin Mary and a Unitarian Universalist bumper sticker. Impossible to find. Who knew you would get presents just for having the kind of kids you wanted?

Tim and Chrissy and I celebrated far too much last night by drinking organic potato vodka and eating Greek food. I was fine but Tim wasn't. Brendan dragged his sorry butt out to the hockey game. The first moment I have had alone in weeks.

Found my room, sorted and got rid of extra clothes. Now have one closet, one dresser, and one armoire. That is for both winter and summer. Have one basket of shoes and one of boots.
I only have the office left before tackling the kitchen. Who needs fourteen bread pans? Rarely eat or cook bread anymore. I am really loving having all this extra breathing space. Purpose of all of this is to make more room in this tiny house. I grew up in big houses and have never adjusted to living small. The exception to this is the few years I traveled with backpack, lived vans, boats and tents in the early seventies. I prided myself then in being able to move with a backpack and a shopping cart. Now the grocery delivery truck might be challenged.

Simple living will take some time but I am looking forward to it.

Tim looks really good. A little more than a week until his surgery.

Sometimes I read over this stuff I write and realize I sound like a prissy old woman. Shocking considering I used to sing with Sluts for Social Justice and don't think I have a prissy bone in my body. Except that I like people who have clean hands. Hmmmmm. That Virgin Mary Toast brander has got me to thinkin'.

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