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Friday, May 21, 2010

Up and Nearly Home

Tim is up and walking and nearly home. He is dragging tube, bells and whistles everywhere he walks. He had a tantrum today and swung around in a fit of peak and disconnected his urine contraption. Christened everything in sight! He calmed down and behaved after that.

Tim's surgeon came running back to the hospital at noon to tell us good news. Most of the pathology is in and the margins look clean. More about that later.

The old gangster left today. He left us his treats and said we could come and visit him. I think I will. He definately livened up the place.

Kids have shown up and made life easier. Am now busy removing every ornament and peripheral object on site to keep a sterile surrounding for Tim. I thought I got rid of lots of stuff.
I now know it breeds.

Ate chocolate and whiskey for supper. Had a bath and curled up.

Memories of a visit to New York. I rented an apartment and my traveling partner had a date, abandoned me and was very late home. Wouldn't have mattered much except the doorknob came off the old, enormous bathroom door, locking me inside. I was in there for almost five hours, shivering cold until I kicked the door down or loosened the lock or something. Said roomate arrived soon after because he couldn't get me on the phone and had a feeling something was wrong. I was still shaking when he arrived and was kind enough to calm me and feed me tea and bickys.

Tea and bicks are always a good idea.

Thanks for all the kind words and support. It has been really great to find out so many people keep track of me on the blog.


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