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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Attended Jane Kenyon's opening the other day at Elliot Louis Gallery and was so happy to see her so radiant, healthy and happy. Her work has become remarkable, intense and thoughtful. You can view her work in the current issue of Fiberarts Magazine.

She has been playing with imagery using mineral surfaces and shattering. Also playing with images of rainy, graffiti covered walls.

Jane Kenyon is my personal mentor regarding work ethic. She is a powerhouse and even spends weeks mounting her work so that it pleases her. I think the way she creates a grid to mount the work equals the amount of work most people put into their most complex embroideries. The entire embroidery is made from thread she embroiders, no background cloth, no backing just stitches.

I was blown out of the water with her current work. The effort, the design, the colour! All beautiful.

I turned to talk to Penny Parry, an old political friend, who is now the Chair of the B.C. Craft Association and overheard Jane say that she owned one of my works and kept in her studio for inspiration. So thrilled to hear that.

There is a great video showing Jane and her process on the Elliot Louis Gallery website.

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