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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wonderful friends

Wonderful friends showed up today and put in blood sweat and tears to help with the studio set up for the Crawl. Kara and Maggie arrived before I did and humped boxes and trunks and looms to allow for the walls to be constructed. Kara was up and down ladders. Maggie and Kara moved everything into place to allow set-up tonight. I was very drugged and fairly useless except for the directions which they happily responded to. My son Bren arrived with supper and fed Vivian and I. Derrick and Ashley showed up and with Bren put up walls and hung heavy pieces. Megan showed up after an exhausting class and pitched in. 3/4 done and two days til deadline.

Tomorrow Vivian helps with the lighting, small works and light tables.

I hope I can finally sleep tonight. The drugs have nearly worn off.

It should look like a little gallery by tomorrow night. Price tags, artists statements and signs should be hung tomorrow or Friday morning. I might even have time to finish a few more pieces
and the new C.V.

Looking forward to the weekend.

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