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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

List of Don'ts

I am fluish. I get fluish because I stress about deadlines and do silly things to make the deadline more complicated. I have spent a lot of time patting my back and encouraging myself with praise and positive thinking but I am sick and still have a deadline. I have decided to make the flu unwelcome. A good ass kick will now happen. A list of don'ts might also work.

1. Don't go near the whiskey. The last thing I need is a hangover or any more challenges threading a needle.

2. Don't turn on the computer more than once for fifteen minutes in the morning and once for fifteen minutes at night.

3. Don't offer anyone help with their situation when mine is under water.

4. Don't answer the phone until at least five things are done.

5. Don't close the window. Fresh air will do wonders.

6. Don't tell anyone about what projects have been accomplished until they are completed.

7. Don't panic.

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