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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Need A Jig For My Whats-It!

I need a jig for my whatsit. There is so much assembly and construction before a show.
Tim has made me some great jigs to help assemble frames. display tables etc but he has usually done the asembly, He won't be here until the last day of the Crawl. It occured to me that a series of photo's need to be taken to document all his ingenous processes.

I spent the morning in the medical lab getting tons of new tests done. I have to be there again before 7>30 a,m, Seven vile vials of dark venous blood today, Surrounded by people threatening to cough up the cat. It would be so much healthier to separate the contagious from the non=contagious chronics, Today I am a cranky chronic with not enough blood or coffee,

The person who was going to share my studio can't come so some old work will be hung up.

Burnt for hours last night. Have a permanent dent in my face from the mask. Going into the studio today to pick up my sewing machine and heat gun.

Megan has designed and printed me a beautiful new business card which should be back from the printers in the next day or so, Used photographs from a trip to Tacoma where we found a crumbling wall at the edge of a parking lot that just happened to have layers of crumbling paint and old plaster cloth behind it,

Today is my last production day. After this it is set up and finishing.

Looking forward to the weekend and all the crowds attending the Culture Crawl. Exciting because thousands show up.

Weather report. Snow expected - below normal temperatures. Tim is now in -29 in Fort Nelson. the winds come up and it is much colder than that. Bundle up and come warm up in my studio. #13 1310 William Street William Clark Studios.

More artists are showing this year and new artists are opening studios at William Clark.

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