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Monday, November 29, 2010

Crawling Day 3


Results were profitable, invigorating and inspiring.

I talked, talked and talked. I also listened.

Most people engaged in play with me and used the magnifying glasses, climbed under the tables and into the boxes. They let me be an art carney without insult or injury. They gave feedback, praise and crits. Some cried, lots laughed, some sat and rested their weary feet. But they engaged!

Favourite viewers included dear friends who fed and watered me, a tiny perfectly formed male muscle man, a little girl who took over my lines and acted as tour guide, a woman is delivering a bag of snake skin sheddings, Sir who gave me false teeth molds, a guy who concocted a 60's memory of me and him in places I never was and the beautiful woman going through breast cancer treatment who just got it all.

The Eastside Culture Crawl was so busy this year that all the brochures and cards were handed out. Money got made, new contacts for exciting opportunities like land installations and film projects, and a play date in Seattle with some artists doing stuff I want to learn.

I couldn't get to everyone and didn't recognize everyone who I knew. What shocked me was the number of people who say they read this little blog.

Now up with that post adrenalin show insomnia, Tim is home safe and sound. The house looks like an art bomb exploded in it and life goes on.

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