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Friday, June 20, 2008

Thrall's Tales

Current reading and listening material

Martha Stewart Reversable Purse

taken from her official Martha Stewart living site.
I have spent the week escaping my little house and it now is roofless.
Today the giant disposal unit gets taken away and I can stop chasing illegal parkers from the construction site.

Things I have learned:
1. Construction is gritty and dirty.
2. Construction is dangerous.
3. Your neighbours don't like demolition and construction. They let you know they are being patient because they have to do it themselves this summer.
4. You have to be nice to people doing construction or they might walk away and not come back and leave you without a roof.

I have completed my reversable Martha Stewart bag and I love it! I have made a bag a day for the last week and I am now getting the hang of it. I have also been making bookmarks for stocking stuffers for friends and family. Anything mindless while my sweets are hanging through the rafters with saws and pneumatic nail guns.

Have decided not to buy anything new for a month and see what I can do with repurposed materials. Nothing new. No threads or glues, cloth or paint. There is really a need to use up what is there for awhile. Considering that there is enough to fill a small store!

Taped books and hand stitching go well together. Now back to the Thrall's Tale by Judith Lindbergh. A story about a Viking thrall woman at the time of the introduction of Christianity to Europe. The research is not bad historically. A little slocky at times but the story works for me. How realistic is it that a Viking Slave marries a Viking chief? Not very likely but fun.

Back to Martha, slaves and dismemberment spells. To Odin and Freya!

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