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Monday, June 30, 2008

Laundry Sisters

Woke up this morning thinking about white work again. Today I am going to work on white pods and do some 3-d structuring and stitching to turn them into pupae. The stitchng will be done with the left-overs from the serging threads on the Solvy. I will also do a little burn with the tyvek envelope scraps and brush them with the Natural Sand texturing paste and some Irridescent interference. Should bring out the texture in the caps for the pods without losing white.

I am also going to make a silk screen and fill it with a number of textures I have been collecting. I keep losing the little screens and the larger one with many images on it will probably work better and be easier to store. The little ones are harder to stabilize when printing leaving a less precise image. This will mean doing the painting on the screen instead of using the photcopied imagery. One day a proper light unit might show up.

Joseph and I experimented last time and found that his puffy medium worked great on the stitched structures but the polypuff was just too thick. His (name unknown until he gets back) was much thinner. This made it a great way to articulate the stitching and not so good for printing the images to be burnt into. Not enough depth.

I am hoping the Babushka like units will be substantial enough to allow for a free floating center embryo. The problem has been crushing. Experimentation with stabilizers obliterated the diaphanous quality of the outer shells. A thinly stitched exoskeleton might work as a last component to the structure but this to be seen.

Bren is here with his trusty camera (mine really!) and will take a picture or two during the breaks.

Next fantasy entails diving bells that are huge balls large enough to fit a dancer! I found some and .... remember...not buying anything until next month and only if I have too!

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