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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tiny Bubbles

Cocoon Bodies Component One 2008 ( from scan) Each one is the size of a chicken's egg and made from Fiona Bowie's curtains.

I have spent the weekend texturing polyester with felting needles to give it strength and heat processing it to create diaphanous egg forms.

Keeping with the decision to buy nothing new for a month, all of the textiles are either re purposed from very old stuff or recycle entirely. Something about doing that makes the fabrics less precious and enables more spontaneity. Interesting that I didn't realize that inhibition was happening. One of the most satisfying textiles is a wine and gold polyester organza curtain that Fiona Bowie had on her window for years and sold for a buck at a street sale a few years ago. It has hung around the studio crawling out of the trunks since moving in. The fading has created very dyed and discharged looking areas and really takes on a fleshy appearance when broken down.

Other fabrics include a very iridescent white shawl scrap that really gains strength when messed with and a hoarded shimmering, golden scrap.

Hilary and I haven't been crossing paths in the studio because she is so busy working at Maiwa and teaching. We had a great meeting on Thursday and found materials for her workshop.

The new work is so much less taxing on the old body and is really happening. This is always a sign a block has been worked through and direction is much clearer. This is definitely a result of having to sort out work for students.

Practicing making structural supports and playing with pounding metal for jewelry is helping invent ways to create more sound and solid work. Gotta take another sculpture course.

The house is still a construction disaster zone and Tim starts working again on Tuesday leaving me with no bottom front stair and a balcony without a railing. My hobby lately is holding my tongue. Not successfully. It has been bitchin' hot finally and that has made working on hot asphalt tiles misery for Tim and Bren. Kimiko came to help give some directions and that helped.

The garden is producing food! Huge salad and garlic, little peas and rhubarb so far today. Looks like we can eat chard and basil in a few weeks and the peppers and tomatoes are growing. The berries are more than a month behind! Hundreds of apples on the trees so it will be a good year for chutney! Time to plant a pear or a plum tree.

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