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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Clouded Vision

I thought that I was going to be able to talk about textiles again but yesterday was taken up with another hospital visit.

Tim had been mentioning that his vision had seemed clouded for a few days and that he first noticed it in the hospital but thought it was his drugged state. He told me that it felt like a blind had been pulled down over half his eye.

I panicked and immediately phoned the doctor because I know that this is a sign that someone might be having a stroke or a neurological event or a torn cornea. The doctor saw us immediately and wanted to call an ambulance for us to go straight to V.G.H. Emergency. I talked him into letting my son drive Tim because he was already waiting for us downstairs. Doctor made phone calls and told us to leave right away.

The hospital was functioning past capacity and we ended up waiting despite the Docs well intended calls. Tim was in agony because there were only chairs to sit on. There was a wheeled stretcher in the hall but they wouldn't let him use it because it was listed with another department. The receptionist was kind enough to get him blankets.

Tim only had surgery two weeks ago and has just had the tubes removed. His lower body is still purple and he is able to limp around. He is still on painkillers.The hospital told us not to give him medication but I had a little stash and gave them to him despite instructions because he was really suffering. He could only stand after awhile. Firm advocating had him moved up a little in line.

He collapsed onto the bed in the emergency department and we waited for another hour. Emergency nurse came took blood. Emergency Doctor came and ordered blood work. Machines came and went. More blood. Pressures standing, laying and sitting were taken. More machines.
Emergency Doctor sent in an Oculist. Lights, cameras, action! They took more blood and told us to make way to another center where the Eye Clinic is located.

The walk to the eye clinic was unbearable. We arrived at a completely closed four story building and sat in a bench to rest. The Oculist opened the doors and we walked in followed by three of our offspring. they had the place to themselves and Tim and I were rushed into an amazing little visual fields location and more testing was done. We had been warned that it was very serious but they wanted to make sure we didn't wait to get an answer. Very thorough testing and the Doc told us he had difficult news.

Turns out that at some point during Tim's surgery he had lack of oxygen to his optic nerve. the nerve became inflamed and has partially died. Either that or he had a small blood clot despite the fact the surgeon was trying to make sure his pressure was kept steady. It kept falling and he was on pneumatic stockings that pumped at different times with different chambers going for four days.

Tim has been referred to a Ocular Neurologist for Monday or Tuesday to find out if there is further damage. As it stands he has lost half his vision in his left eye and there is a good chance it won't come back.

Once again he was a trooper. We were allowed to go home and we collapsed for hours.

Current Mood: Completely Pissed and Very Sad.

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