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Monday, June 14, 2010


Bren and Meg packed us in the car yesterday and dragged us over to Gibsons to see a little cottage that has studio potential It also has a large garden with fruit trees and is walking distance to three beaches.

Changing locations was a good thing to do. It gives the imagination something to focus on that has to do with verdant beauty.

Gibsons is a beautiful little community that I have wanted to spend more time in for years. It has everything that you need to survive well. Good book stores, music and arts festivals, a place to buy decent coffee and affordable abodes.

We drove just a little further and went past Sechelt where we discovered a beautiful house perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean. It has huge decks and a pool and enough room for a studio.

We have no idea what will happen yet. No one does really. We know that everything has changed again and that the plans we were hatching also need to change. Tim's sight is impaired and he is being treated for a very serious illness. I still have to be very mindful about breast cancer and live with the side effects of a few years of treatment. So far we still have lives to get on with.

No point in being fearful. Point in being careful and using well time we have.

More Doc's today. And a new sketch book.

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