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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tubes Out!

Tim went to the hospital this morning and his tubes all came out. He is doing very well according to the Oncologist.

Home again and I had a melt down. Just exhausted because of all the hard work and the fact Tim got up at 4:30 AM with anxiety and started worrying about everything but the procedure.
The place fell apart because I just couldn't do it anymore. It is coming back together now. Dishes nearly done, bed changed, bandage changed, patient fed and cleaned up and garments prepared. I managed a short nap after losing my patience and temper.

I need to get a little more help and drafted Meg and Bren to do a few practical things. Delegate and use a few more offers of help. Else I will turn into a terrible bitch.

Dreaming again about a studio and little farm in France. Called Kat and she said she would do any translation for documents I need. She told me to check out Normandy. Frank called and told me he found a nice house in Tuscany and I could just stay there for awhile after this all was a memory.

Will be disciplined when I get a little more energy and enter a new miniature show. I might just get kids to care for Tim for a few hours and just lock myself in my studio. Ten minutes a day in the office will be fine for now.

He is past the point now of pulling out tubes, probing his stitches, breaching his sterility, duct taping his leg and spilling the medications. He is stressing a lot about little things and is being very demanding because this is so stressful. I had a bath and he went into the garden and picked me rhubarb. He isn't supposed to bend over. I guess he wanted me to cook him rhubarb. Later or tonight.

He might need a diversion besides me. I will get him to start drawing the plans for my city chicken coop. The weather has been too wet for him to enjoy the porch or the garden. Tomorrow he sits outside in a rain coat for awhile. He hates being trapped in the house. He will be allowed to drive later this week if he doesn't take a pain killer.

The hard part isn't the work but the watchfulness. Always have to be aware or able to hear.

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