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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good News

Bad news. All sight is now gone from Tim's left eye. Good news. Looks like things are up from here. One eye instead of a massive stroke.

More Doctor's starting at 7:00 am.

Laundry done. Cooking done. Man bathed. Phone calls mostly done. Files organized. Self bathed. Shopping done. Menu organized. Dishes done. Fridge cleaned. Garbage out. Compost out. Recycling out. Appointments set up. Beds changed. House plants rescued at last minute. Toilet, sink, and tub cleaned. Bailey's drank. Muffins baked.

In process: back exercises, floor vacuumed and mopped, house aired out, garden weeded and watered.

Day at a time!

Thanks for all the good wishes, cards, gifts and offers of help.

Tim is doing really well considering. Alex Bryden came by and offered to take him sailing. Tim wants a new and colourful eye patch for each day of the week, a parrot, more growth on his new beard and a false missing tooth.

I have staged a mutiny and said poor Tim can't go sailing in his planned uniform until his wounds are a little more healed.

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