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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Inspiring Blogs

I read lots of blogs. They serve different purposes for me. I think that I like the voyeuristic aspect of watching people reveal themselves through time.

I have some favourites.

I love Arlee Barr's blogs. She is more energetic with this work than anyone I have internet met before. I studied at the same school as she did at different times. I have lived in a few of the same places. At different times. I love how accessable her blog is and how descriptive and passionate and reliable. I love watching her work develop and her lack of self conciousness at revealing her processes and history. I like her work. http://arleebarr.squarespace.com/

I love looking at Deb Lactavia's blog. It is rich and revealing and colourful. I want to hang out on her porch and drink ice tea and watch her work. I can imagine her pouring rainbow vats of colour everywhere and waving a wand and making them work. http://morewgalo.blogspot.com/

Maggie Grey's blog is delightful with it's information and inspiration. I want to be her when I grow up a little more in this work.

Susan Sorrell's blog makes me laugh. Gut laugh. She is funny and talented. http://creativechick.com/

Marchi Weirson's blog is filled with little treasures and inspiration. http://marchiweirson.blogspot.com/

Abigail Doan's blog is a favourite because her work is so important. She appears to live such an integrated life with a special dedication for our world. I like watching her babies grow and seeing where she travels. http://abigaildoan.blogspot.com/

I like Kirsten Chursinoff's blog because it is pretty and I can track her. http://kirstensfabricart.blogspot.com/

I like Bruce Elkin's blog because it reminds me of common sense and keeping track. I like the way he writes. http://createwhatmattersmost.blogspot.com/

Carol Taylor has a beautifully formatted blog and lovely work.

I just read the new book Consequential Strangers- The Power of People Who Don't Seem TO Matter...But Really Do Melinda Blau and Karen L. Fingerman, Phd W.W. Norton and Company. It is about the importance of casual relationships in our lives and how we are so impacted by relationships that are far away from our immediate circle but that have impact on our decisions, creativity and feelings of well being. This certainly has proven itself to me in the last few weeks since Tim has been so very ill. I haven't felt isolated and have been offered help, support and practical advice from people I have never met.


Carol said...

OMG thanks sooooo much :) I am so proud that you would name my bog up with such lovely and illustrious people :) especially as I am on a quiet patch at the moment - thanks sooooo much, maybe I will sew soon

material witness said...

Sew, sew, sew! Your sketches, work and blog are amazing.

arlee said...

Thanks P! I've "moved"the blog to a new host though :)