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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shifting Gears

I woke up this morning with a head full of design and experiments to try. I also felt very grateful for the life I have been able to have.

Tim woke up at a little after five and started roaming the house and trying to cook for himself. I am trying to get him to eat breakfast at 7:30. Keeping a delicious near his bed might help. He is feeling scared, useless and ripped off. No wonder!

Got an early start on things but I need more sleep.

Adult incontenence clothes is really expensive and an environmental nightmare. I have reams of flannelette from boxer short days. They might make fetching adult diapers. I have looked at some designs and they are completely managable. I also need to construct some open at the front trousers and need to research clothing that opens easily and quickly.

Has anyone else seen design sites that have some good ideas?

Sounds tragic but Tim says, "Better wet pants than a dry coffin"!

Perhaps I should have a contest and see what kind of beautiful surface design can be put on cotton flannel adult diapers.

Challenge anyone?


Anonymous said...

Why not use sweat pants? That is what my husband did after prostate surgery.

If you need someone who has been there to listen please write me susansaw at comcast.net.

material witness said...

Thanks I will write.

material witness said...

I tried to write and am not sure if things ended up getting to you.