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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Castings and Accumulation

Cast Recycled Paper and Chinese hemp twine
experiments Patricia Chauncey 2010
photo Tim Hurley
Placed on antique linen dyed with rust, blood and indigo.

How curious it is to look at the difference between multiple objects that are made in almost an identical way with materials that are identical. Not one of these pieces look remotely the same even though they were made in a short time frame when visual memory should be intact.

They have similar size, colour, materials and were made in the mornings about ten o'clock over a few days. I made a point not to look at the others as I produced each one. Same amount of material, same lengths, same amount of casting paper and shredded twine. None the same.

I am also interested in accumulation and collection, mass objects and homogeneous gathering.
These are part of a larger installation and not even sure what they will be yet. They still need lots of work and thought.
The cloth underneath is an antique linen curtain lining from Quebec City. It was a gift from Jan years ago. We dyed it with blood, rust and almost spent indigo.

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