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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ice Storm

Tim's employer phoned yesterday to inform him he had been selected for a supervisory role at a remote job site. His sick leave is up in about a week. He is still healing as a result of complications like being blind in one eye and bladder difficulties. Turns out the job is about 16 kilometers from Fort Nelson which is near the Yukon border.

Holy F.

He wants to take it which means I go because there is no way he is going without me in this shape.

I spent the evening gasping for air and went to bed and dreamt of incredible ice sculptures sound illustrated by howling animals. I woke up realizing that it could be an incredible adventure that will pay lots of money.

Discussion formalize on Monday. Next month I could be living in a motel in the Far North. So much for my plans of a little cottage by the sea in France or a gallery in the forest.

I ain't going without a truck piled full of art books, cloth, machines and supplies.

Perhaps Wells was my rehersal. I can chop wood, light fires, haul water and shovel snow after all.

My, my!

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