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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Frozen Stares!

Shocked and now excited. I am moving up to the Yukon Borderlands for a little more than a year. Boxes are being packed and contracts are being signed. Trucks are ordered. Garden being picked and pickled.

I am living in a construction site. Kitchen and bathroom being renovated for the new tenants of my little Vancouver cottage. I will never get to use everything new! It will be more than a year old when I get back here.

Tim and I will be living in a little apartment, driving around in trucks and taking bear aware courses and Northern survival courses. There are no long johns to be found in August in Vancouver. Good thing the weather holds up there for another month or so.

Exciting thing is that Northern dye plants, basket plants and seed pods will be available to photograph and study. Have already found a source for Musk Ox wool. Took no time to discover there isn't even a gallery in town. There is a library and a live theatre. Won't really no the rest until I get there. It is also dark for months on end.

Tim is glitterting with happiness and excitment. I sneak off and smother panic attacks. I am leaving for the north with a man who has just finished cancer treatment and lost an eye. He says this is on his bucket list. Has never been on mine. Sometimes the universe delivers us presents we never expected.

Will turn this into a giant visual research trip. No one knows me up there and this might be an opportunity to cloister off and do a real body of work.

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