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Friday, August 20, 2010


Tim went for his PSA and his doc said it was great. No cancer showing and a very low, normal PSA rating. He is mostly dry and without pain. He has started the house reno for the new tenant.

We won't be here next month but will be settling up north for the next year or so.

In the meantime I am wrestling animal bones, rusted bits, an old horse harness, shells, leather, driftwood, stones and felt. Trying to decide about cocoons and burnt paper or gut balls. I found a sandable, carvable, paintable wood glue.

We are supposed to go to Wells with friends on Monday. The fires are really bad and the air quality is terrible. Rumour has it that ash is falling in Wells as there are now fires near Quesnel. Some of the highway is closed and the winds have picked up. Rain is expected this weekend. I hope so because I am worried. All the backwoods are now closed and there is a complete fire ban throughout the province.

Wells is a little village that is near Barkerville, B.C.. I ran two galleries up there last summer. It is about one hour down a mountain road from Quesnel. One narrow road in and one narrow road out. Wells has one of the most organized and amazing volunteer fire departments around but the valley is tinder dry as many of the surrounding pine forests have been affected by the pine beetle and are very vulnerable to fire.

Tomorrow in the studio to meet Tina for tea and rug hooking exchange.

Want rain without lightening!

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