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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life with Bears

No. I haven't left yet. The contract is signed and we are now packing the house and studio.

I sat on the porch with Christine Hatfull yesterday and trimmed and powdered all my natural dye materials that have been collected during the summer. Good thing because the rain poured out of the sky today and soaked the place I was stashing all the bracken, lichens, barks, leaves and flowers. Some of the berries have been dried to condense power and intensity. I had hoped to have time to dye some silk and wool rovings. The waste papers have been shredded to make sheets for reforming up north.

Saw that Arlee Barr has made a valiant effort to extract colour from plant materials. Some are lovely.

Will send her some prairie recipes and some mordant recipes.

Leaving for the first trip to Fort Nelson next Thursday. Hilary and Jim returned and saw so many animals on the road. Moose , bear, sheep and a cougar! Will stop in on Wells on the way up.

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arlee said...

Hey! i've been absent from visiting, i apologize---i can't believe the adventures you are going to have----with your creed of working with naturals, i can't wait to see what you make from snow and tundra :)

OO and those plant dye recipes would be GREATLY appreciated