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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back in Vancouver

Got on to the scary little plane in Fort Nelson and flew home. It was the most comfortable flight I have ever taken. The weather was gorgeous when I left Fort Nelson and gorgeous when I arrived in Vancouver. The flight included 17 other passengers and included landing in Dawson Creek for a "security check". Bags taken off, run through machines and passengers wanded. I had to put my metal crochet hooks and little embroidery scissors in the check in bag. I am obviously a person who would pull off a hijacking with needlework implements! Imagine...

Was surprised to discover my little blog was posted to a local information blog in Fort Nelson.

The Fort Nelson cab driver, Erin, told me about some dyers in Watson Lake who used berries and plants. She also told me about the Mukluk Mamas. I will try to find them.

Arrived home to mixed news and a big moving mess. A friend who was my cancer survivor mentor, has been diagnosed with recurrence. Crap. My tenant is leaving the house in Winnipeg. Crap. My huge fibreglass globe got crushed by a falling box. Crap. Got hired to teach a few courses. Waiting for two new relatives to be born. Son got a great place overlooking the ocean. Got some money in the mail.

Finished crocheting eight little forms and am laminating them this morning.

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