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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Breath In Breath Out

Tim and I went for a Sunday Picnic near Summit Lake and took a few hundred pictures for visual research. We got caught in a snowfall. The forest are northern with pine, spruce, birch, alder and plants that I will need to learn.

The area surrounding Fort Nelson is extreme in all ways. The environment ranges from little ranches and farms to high mountains. The views go for miles and there are cuts in the earth that expose the formation of mother earth.

We were stopped on the highway by caribou licking the pavement for salt. A large buck and his harem surrounded our car. Healthy, beautiful animals. The experience was primal. We didn't move or breath so they would stay with us for awhile and they did.

We drove back to Fort Nelson and found hundreds of mushrooms at the side of the road in the cut area. We picked one and discovered it bled the most delicious yellow colour which stained Tim's palms. We picked a few for the dye pot and put it in the large jars we keep in the car for samples. I can't wait to try it on silk or leather. The stains are a deep tumeric yellow. It doesn't look transitory because it was so hard to wash off. Can't wait to see what will happen with different mordants.

While picking the mushrooms we were visited by a little mole.

No house yet so I am flying out today. Have to prepare for some gigs and for the big show at the East Side Culture Crawl in Vancouver. Am returning home with a head burning with ideas.

I hate leaving Tim for this. He is doing so well that you would hardly know he has come through such an extreme cancer experience.

Sorry no pictures until I get on to my computer at home. The card failed and I have to get someone to pull them off. Hopefully some will be recovered. The place changes daily and will not be like this again until next fall. When I return it will be colder and with snow. Might be back in a couple weeks.

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