Material Witness will focus on extreme textile process. Images will be posted here showing the history of my work, new work, developing projects and inspiration.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I completed the little panel for the Numen Gallery. It took an incredible effort but I like the results when all the little works hang together. Will keep my commitment to Celine for other globes and panels before I leave.

Bridget Catchpole is my favourite jeweler and we are going to trade work. I am beyond excited.

Christine Hatfull brought me some new photographs today and they are so amazing. Shots taken that are like archaeological digs through this ever changing city. She was born in Vancouver and seems to recognize when change is about to happen to a place or surface that is ingrained in our memory landscape here. Liminal space ... just before change. Sometimes her images sting me with a sense of loss. Walls I have walked by a thousand times. Old doors and rooftops I loved but took for granted.

Karen MacKenzie Brydon has agreed to sell me her amazing wrapped books. They are transparent and to die for. Haunting layers of images that tell so many meaningful stories for my life. She lived as part of me since the age of eleven and many memories are shared. She has created images like amber fossils revealing ghosts and whispers of the past. Photographs of some of my early crafted dolls and embroideries show up.

All of my friends are important but my artist realm friends truly allow me air in my lungs.

Hilary and I skipped out yesterday for a few hours and lolled on the beach after a yummy lunch at Foundation. She has traveled so far and grown so very much since the loss of her little baby, Molly. Women are so strong. She is starting to make art again.

Every day a few more trunks are sorted. I am keeping the studio and not bringing everything. Will be returning every month or so for a week or more. This is one of the benefits of Northern work. Concentrated periods in camp and paid transportation and time out.

Arlee Barr has kicked up her natural dyeing experiments a notch. Google her. She is showing up everywhere and is becoming a new textile super star. She is even on You Tube. So very personable, good crazy and funny!


arlee said...

are those actually stitched then treated????? very very fossil likes em

material witness said...

About six treatments involved.
Only two or three stitches on each work. Still love burning everything.
You have gorgeous dye samples!