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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tile Trauma

Rolling Thunder Mountain, Nevada 2010
photo Tim Hurley
House put together with stuff and bits.

I spent the day today preparing for my Northern Adventure. The kitchen and bookshelves are full of stuff I don't use or read. Packing boxes arrived and I just started chucking things like camping waffle irons, plastic bowls, duplicates, pots without lids, lids without pots and old jar lids. This effort yielded four huge boxes of stuff. The book shelf revealed 20 useless catalogues and dozens of magazines my mother shuffled off her shelves a few years ago. I also discovered at least five old phonebooks and a mess of past date flyers and coupons. Out, Out, Out!
Check Spelling
Yesterday my closets and drawers revealed a disparagent collection of underwear and painting clothes. I have allowed myself two sets of studio clothes and got rid of anything stained and torn beyond repair. Any underwear that was saggy, baggy, too tight or scary was also chucked.

I clearly had a fetish for some yummy black Lacy's once. Don't think it will work with my long johns in F-ing Fort Nelson. I have trunked anything business and have only packed one dressy outfit. Am trying to decide whether to pack or give away my vintage and antique stuff.

I am rather dispassionate about what I am getting rid of. The goal is to fit into a smaller truck because I don't want to have to deal with driving 1000 miles with something loaded and too big for Tim to manage. He has done very well and purchased a big, white Northern SUV. much to my horror. We will drive up to deliver Tim and his supplies on Friday. I will return after checking out the apartment and pack up the house alone.

Tim and Brendan managed to pull all kinds of stuff out from under the house and haul it to recycling and the landfill. I had been collecting and saving broken tiles for years for a mosaic patio project for my yard including sidewalks, benches a patio, a pond and raised garden beds.
Most of the tiles were sorted and ready to go this summer. But...Tim got so sick and I was otherwise occupied. Long story short. Tiles hauled off and dumped! Gahhh! Just stuff right?

This move is complicated but less upsetting because my inner rain man will have time to sort and let go and also have a safe location to store. I also get to do the basement when Tim is working and I am home alone!

The big move is on the first week of October. My son Brendan and his spouse Megan move into the house for a year.

I have this great recycling technique. I take a box and fill it with stuff that isn't really needed but still good. Place the box on the front sidewalk near the house and put a sign on it the says "Free". Instant disappearance.

Spent part of yesterday crocheting little forms and felt laminating them. Soft and clean hands today. Packing art supplies according to planned and unfinished projects. Have even selected a palette for the year based on memories of other Northern journeys. Will be disciplined regarding supplies. I brought too much stuff with me to Wells last year and felt overwhelmed.

Am still trying to convince myself this is exciting and fun. Not so much!

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